Anal Sex Cured my Hemorrhoids

“The doctor said it was hemorrhoids, and to get some Preparation H to put on it” I said when I got home from the doctor’s office.

“It’s because you’ve been having anal sex!” my fiancé accused.

The truth is up to that point I had never had anal sex, I had no interest in anal sex, I wasn’t even sure how you had anal sex. I couldn’t figure out why he would be so upset about that. I mean, did he want to do it and was thinking that I was doing it with someone else? Rob had never said anything about it; I couldn’t imagine him even being interested.

I never thought I would have anal sex. Sure, my boyfriend Steve was bugging me to do it constantly but my fiancé Rob had never even mentioned it. The thought of having something up my ass was so disturbing that I wouldn’t even consider doing it.

A couple of years later I started dating Pepper. On our first date something came up that made me realize that anal was Pepper’s main event. I wasn’t really sure what to think about that. I still hadn’t had it, and still had no plans to. To that point I had three things I was NEVER going to do; watch Angel, drink Starbucks coffee and have anal sex.

Sometime over the next few months Pepper snuck a finger into my butt when we where having sex, it was funny to find out the surprise wasn’t an unwanted one. We ended up doing butt play almost every time we had sex. It turns out that I really liked it! Over the next few years if we where playing and I was having a hard time having an orgasm, then putting something, really anything, in my ass would solve the problem real quick. Some of my best orgasms these days are from anal sex.

The truth is, I have no idea if anal sex cured my hemorrhoids. Maybe it was a dietary change or maybe I starting wearing a different kind of underwear. My ex-husband was accusing me of having anal sex because of hemorrhoids; wouldn’t it be funny if the buttsex actually took them away?

I have been having anal sex for almost 6 years now. I have a Starbucks addiction that is just pathetic and I am on the 4th season of Angel. I wonder if I should call my now ex husband and let him know that I have anal sex all the time with out even a hit of a hemorrhoid!


  1. There is a very interesting book:
    “Anal Pleasure and Health” by Jack Morin.
    There was quite a focus on the interaction between sexual pleasure and what is good for health – that by learning to do things in a relaxing and pleasurable way, this is in fact helpful
    in avoiding issues such as hemorrhoids. He also goes into stuff like diet and the digestive system, and how it interacts with all of this. (There is also a lot of stuff about the connection with the emotions and how this is affected by societal attitudes). The author is both a medical doctor and a phycho-sexual therapist. I’d recommend a read!

  2. I have had hemerroids for about 2 years and I recently tried anal sex about 3 months ago. To my surprise it felt amazing, and I haven’t had hemerroids for the last 2 months!! I wonder if anal is the secret magical cure.

  3. The old fashioned remedy for hemorrhoids was 3 fingers for 3 minutes 3 times a day for 3 weeks!

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