Beadings All Around II…

… the continuing adventures of Pepper, Jen, Ari, and Debby with needles and beads.

In some ways my experience was easier then Debby’s and in some ways it was harder. After Debby had her “semi permanent piercings” in at Pride, we (Pep, Ari and I ) all decided that we wanted to do it for a special occasion. We went shopping for beads and spend about $50 on an excellent set up!

Late on Sunday night we decided to give it a try, since there was no way I was going to let Pep put those in me without a trial run. The good news was that Pep knew exactly what to do since he had just done them on Debby the week before. The bad news, I am not a pain slut. Pain is pain and pain for me hurts! 18 gauge is very big, it doesn’t look big but remember that what you get shots with at the doctors office are in the 25-22 range. When I have done the play piercings before we used 25s. Let me tell you, they go in like a hot knife through butter compared to the 18s.

Ari and I cleaned the eye pins and beads while Pep set up. Pep decided that I should lay down to get a better angle on the needle. Going straight down the body is hard, so we set up so that he was putting the needle in perpendicular to himself. Trust me, this is very helpful! We picked my left arm, since it’s the one I don’t sleep on and don’t bang on things as much. Pep marked my arm and I laid down, we got everything lined up and in it went. The hard part is getting them straight so he had to dig around a bit. There was much grunting and breathing. I don’t get the endorphin rush from pain, but I was conked out by the time the needle was in. The sliding eye pin was easy after that.

After it was all done Ari took photos for me and helped keep me keep my mind of the strange thing sticking out of my arm.

I was going to leave it in over night and wear it to work, but my body had other ideas. I don’t sleep well with an eye mask on or ear plugs or anything out of the ordinary on my body. I would fall asleep for about half an hour then wake up for half an hour before I would fall asleep again. It didn’t hurt but it was keeping me awake. I started thinking about it: I had nothing to prove and I wasn’t going anywhere that was special so I decided to take it out in favor of sleep. I woke Pep up at 3:30 am to help me take them out. That part was so much easier then I expected.

I did show a few of my co-workers the photos the next day. My boss really wants one now. And I’m thinking I will do one in the center of my chest for some special occasion!

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