Vampires Like Oral

Last night I dreamt I was having sex with Dracula.

I was bottoming, of course.

Also, he was into blood play. No surprises there.

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We breeze into the local dungeon on a Friday night, lugging backpacks and toy bags. We take a moment by the lockers to change into revealing black clothes. We’re late – the dungeon closes at one, which is only a couple hours away. It’s a slow night, and most of the other folks there probably volunteered that evening – we were some of the few who actually paid.

Downstairs, a woman is screaming.

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Dildo Specifications

Fatty“, made by Square Peg.

6″ tall, head 5.5″ circumference, near base 8″ circumference.
“Great, smaller toy with a bit of a stretch in it. Beginner.”



CBS has a new television series out, Swingtown. It is billed as a show about swingers set in 1976, but it is really more about relationships and marriage in the 70’s, with a strong emphasis on open relationships. It started in June, and is running the first thirteen episodes this summer, ten so far. In a very cool move, CBS has been posting the full episodes online (here), which is probably the only reason I am seeing them, since I don’t watch TV. They insert commercials into the online versions to recoup their cost, and unfortunately they are only posting the most recent three or four episodes, so you’ll have to go elsewhere (reruns? torrent?) if you want to find episodes one through six.

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