Vampires Like Oral

Last night I dreamt I was having sex with Dracula.

I was bottoming, of course.

Also, he was into blood play. No surprises there.

I was there because I was ambitious – I wanted a piece of Dracula’s fame and wealth. I was doing sex work, I guess. Strangely, his wealth only translated into a rather drab hotel room. But it was on the top floor, and I had this sneaking suspicion he owned the hotel.

Prior to getting it on there was a complicated negotiation around blood-borne pathogens. Even though vampires couldn’t get sick, there were some minor diseases they could transmit. I suspected I had one of these, and I was worried about passing it on to him. He was chill about it though.

I learned to not say anything about toes. In my dream blood-starved vampires would get blue toes, and Dracula hadn’t gotten any in a while. The slightest mention would get him all embarrassed and upset. He was sensitive as vampires go.

Indeed, he had this whole spiel about how he was actually helping people by sucking their blood – he would focus on toxic or sick sections of their bodies, and draw out the impurities. It was a very new age way of justifying bloodsucking. I got the explanation right before he chowed down on my upper neck, right below the jaw.

Except that he was a woman for that part. In this dream, I was a man the whole time. Or at least I had boy genitals, which for me is not entirely conclusive.

After the neck, he used a needle instrument to create a line of blood drops running down my body towards my crotch. He skipped down them pretty fast and got serious with my crotch. Mostly, sucking blood out of it. I could feel the little stabby bites, and blood leaving my body, which was pretty intense. Vampires are into oral – again, no big shocker.

I didn’t have an erection. It was a soft kind of sex, but still totally hot.

I woke up just as it was getting good, like I always do. I had fallen asleep in the classic vampire position, on my back with my hands on my stomach. I don’t move during the night, so I woke up the same way. My hands were tingling, because they were elevated. Or maybe it was the blood loss.


  1. Hot! I mean… chill? No, hot, for sure.

  2. hahahaha, this is awesome. my dreams are bo-ring.

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