Blood, blood, everywhere…

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to a special taping of blood-related kinky activities for Dave Navarro, for his upcoming show on the Independent Film Channel. Phil and August of the San Francisco Citadel had arranged for a variety of scenes to be performed in his presence, and since the shoot was allegedly showing a class with demos, they needed an audience of “students”, which is where I came in.

As is typical for filming, the night consisted of a lot of “hurry up and wait”. Although we were told to arrive no later than 7:30pm. Dave did not show up until about 9:15pm, and I don’t think the taping started until 9:30pm or so. After a brief taping of introductory footage (“Dave is entering the dungeon.” “Dave is being greeted by August and Phil.”), the actual bloodplay part of the evening finally got started.

Blood has special meaning for a lot of people. To some, it is a life force, and a chance to touch the innermost parts of their partners. To others, just the endorphin rush and sensations from having blood drawn or seeing it spilled create an incredible high. In this age of HIV and other blood borne diseases, playing with blood also provides an extra spice of danger and taboo (although all of the demos were done amongst fluid-bonded partners)… and drinking blood holds even further meaning and risks.

The first scene to be taped was of Stefanos teaching a class on bloodplay, with Rachel as his demo model. Stefanos was told to keep the class to a paltry fifteen minutes, which is ridiculously short for a class or demo of any sort, but he did his best to show lots of cool stuff in his allotted time. He first pierced Rachel with some fairly tiny needles to warm her up, and then he talked an enthusiastic Dave through removing the needles himself. Next, Stefanos cut a few lines on Rachel’s chest with an extremely sharp scalpel, using not even the slightest bit of pressure on the scalpel – boy is that tool sharp – and then cupped her over the cutting; as the cup cools, it creates a vacuum which sucks the blood out of the wound and into the cup. That was a pretty cool technique, and at the end he had a small cup of blood, which he drank with a little encouragement from Dave. Lesson of the day, which hopefully did not make it into the shoot: blood tastes better when drank directly from the source; blood from a cupping cup has rather a lot of alcohol and smoky flavor mixed in.

Under the guise of “that was fun, but what else do you have to offer?”, we then moved downstairs. There, Busdriver had tied Pink, who was dressed like a white angel (complete with feathery wings and halo), to a table. To enhance her experience, she was wearing a vaginal plug hooked up to an ErosTek 2 Channel Remote E-Stim unit, which Dave was handed the remote to. As he played with the dial, she twitched and squirmed most entertainingly… hot! Her “angel” status was decreasing by the minute. Then a tap was placed in her arm, and was used to remove a syringe full of blood. Busdriver cut much of her clothing off, and sprayed the blood all over her, which both of them seemed to enjoy greatly. They then let Dave withdraw another syringeful, and spray blood on her, while Busdriver put a few staples in her arm. Finally, he started actually cutting her, and she came almost immediately. The camera crew was willing to stop at that point, but Busdriver pulled out a vibrator for a second orgasm. By then, Pink was covered in blood, and her halo had almost completely fallen off, completing the very hot scene.

Dave acknowledged that Busdriver and Pink’s scene had been deeper than the “intro” class, but wanted to know if we had more, so the filming crew and audience moved on to the final scene. Earlier in the evening (I don’t know if this ended up being taped or not), Daddy Darin had warmed Bethie Bee up with spanking and very impressive single tailing, as is one if his many skills, so by then they were ready to go. First Darin put a needle in Bethie, and then he coached Dave through putting one in her himself. Darin put a tap in Bethie to withdraw blood from her, and then (very impressively) withdrew some of his own blood (he had already set up a tap). He mixed the blood on her, lapped it up, and then sprayed more of it on her while she laughed in hysterical glee. She went down on him, still covered in blood, and the camera crew looked like they were considering this to be the end of the scene and started to wrap up. Darin and Bethie were definitely not done though, and proceeded to use the remaining blood as lube for some very hot sex. They had no interest in cutting their fun short just because the camera people were becoming concerned about what could be shown on TV! As they continued, the crew tried to film Dave doing a bit of wrapup on the scenes with August and Phil, but kept having to do retakes. Perhaps Dave was being distracted by the exciting action in front of him?

That scene marked the end of the filming of the fun stuff, and the beginning of an endless series of filming filler material, extra footage, and takes and retakes of statements by Dave. I watched for a while, but after an hour or so, with no sign of it ever ending, decided to leave. When I went out to the street, I accidentally walked into the video crew playing hide and seek on the street, trying to capture “Dave walking down the city streets at night on his way to the dungeon”; I just couldn’t get away from it. I later heard that they didn’t wrap up until 1am, so it was a rather late night for the Citadel staff (who then had cleanup to deal with).

I have no idea when it’s going to air, but don’t expect it to show up on the IFC before the new year. I’m looking forwards to seeing how it turns out!

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