Say What?

Ever had one of those “did I just hear that?” situations?  One afternoon, a vanilla friend of mine and I were discussing our respective plans for the following evening.  He said, “I’m headed up to the city for a suspension clinic.”   My mind immediately started racing in all different directions (“Did I mishear him?”  “Did he just come out to me?”  “That’s totally not a beginner class, and besides I don’t know of any suspension clinics this weekend.”).  I’m out to him, but not in his face about it, so I really wasn’t sure what to do.  In a fit of brilliance, I said something non-committal like “that’s nice”, and promptly changed the subject.  Later in the conversation, after I felt up to it, I asked him to clarify what his clinic was about… and discovered it was about motorcycle suspension.

I told him (and the two others who were there) what I had thought, and it has been a mutual source of amusement ever since.

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  1. hahaha

    YES. I have had many “did I just hear that!?” situations.

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