Pressure Point Orgasm?


I attended Lady Thorn’s Fetish Flea Market last weekend, where numerous vendors had products old and new up for sale. One of the vendors was there, as he often is, with a selection of necklaces, arm bands, and claws, all of which he makes by working metal in interesting patterns; I will call him Thomas. This time, however, Thomas had an assistant helping him work the booth, who I will call Julia. With her assistance, he was demoing a pressure point on the back of the neck that apparently causes orgasms in some women. His claim was that many women achieve much pleasure from the pressure point, some orgasm from it, and it has no effect whatsoever on 15% of women. Furthermore, allegedly the more often you have it done to you, the easier it is to orgasm from it.

The pressure point (well, points, it was two spots to either side of the next, somewhere around the first and second vertebrae) need to be pressed using something pointy (allegedly fingers are not precise enough to hit the spot); Thomas likes using his claws for it. Julia certainly looked like she was having a good time, and was supposedly up to eight orgasms or so by the time I saw the demo. A female customer tried it and said it felt really good, although not quite orgasmic for her.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I asked him try it on me, but apparently I’m one of the people it has no effect on… or there’s some mental component that I’m too skeptical to sign up. I bet I wouldn’t be a good candidate for hypnosis!


  1. There’s a spot on my neck right next to the skull where just the right amount of pressure on that exact point will automatically generate a sweeping wave of relaxation and warmth. Unfortunately for my poor husband, it is nestled right between two trigger points that will lock up my head and shoulders in screaming agony if pressure is applied. We sometimes try to work it anyway.

  2. I do have a very sensitive section of muscle on either side of my neck, much as how Alexandra described hers. Only, I don’t have any adjacent muscles that cause me to cramp up…. I am not sure if I’d call what I experience an ‘orgasm’, although its pretty damn close to the real deal, and it gives one the same satiated feeling… well, that’s my two cents for you.
    And fingerpads (when angled properly) do the job just fine. Then again I’ve never seen something quite like that pincer pic you posted.

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