Things I Didn’t Know About Pee


Piss play has never much interested me. Urine doesn’t disgust me, which would potentially provide a fertile ground for exploration, but it also doesn’t attract me in any way, so I paid little attention to this whole area of the kink universe for a very long time. Then one day I met a sexy dom who explained, with a gleam in his eye, just how he liked to pee on his submissives to mark them as his property… and suddenly I could see the attraction. So when I saw that Boymeat was offering a class on Watersports at IMSL, I jumped at the opportunity.

I hadn’t expected a demo, given the, well, *wet* nature of the topic, but where there’s a will and a clever instructor there’s a way. Boymeat has perfected the technique of “easy cleanup” indoor watersports. A tarp underneath, and chux pads on top (chux pads are super absorbent on one side, and waterproof on the other), and you’re all set to go.

What really surprised me about the class, however, was how much I didn’t know about pee. Prior to the class, I believed the following things:

  • urine is sterile if it’s from a healthy person
  • asparagus may change the smell of urine, depending on genetics

After the class, I had modified my beliefs somewhat. Yes, urine is sterile to that person, while it is inside of them, but obviously (in retrospect), as it exits the body, it can get contaminated. Therefore, just as you would clean the area near the exit of your urethra while taking a sample for a medical exam, you could do so for piss play. On the other hand, if the person peeing is not healthy, all bets are off. Bacteria in urine are generally caused by some form of urinary tract infection, and usually cause symptoms of pain in the person peeing, so he or she often know there’s a problem… but not always. As for viruses, the jury seems to be out as to whether or not they cn be present in urine. Finally, there can even be blood in urine, although often that will be noticeable by color change.

If you are ingesting pee, there are many more substances to worry about. For example, your partner may be psyched to drink your pee, but may not have signed up for taking your prescription drugs (such as hormones from birth control pills) or recreational drugs (e.g., ecstacy); however, these will be excreted in possibly significant quantities in urine, as will alcohol. Other things that might affect the flavor, color, or taste of urine include mountain dew (bright yellow color), vitamin B2/riboflavin (bright yellow color), beets (pink color), coffee (smell), green leafy vegetables (smell), artificial sweeteners (sweeter taste), and fenugreek, which is reputed to induce a maple smell. Asparagus, however, has by far one of the most noticeable effects at least on (and to) some people. Some percentage of the population (myself included) excrete foul-smelling urine after having consumed asparagus. Some percentage of the population (again, myself included) are able to detect the smell. The interesting thing is that these two different traits are controlled by separate genes, so there are people who produce the smell but can’t smell it, those who can smell it but don’t produce it, and then those who either do both or neither.

And remember folks, morning pee is the strongest. Leave that one for the toilet unless you really are a sadist.


  1. Thanks for sharing the info on foods that affect the colour, taste or smell of pee. I didn’t know most of these.

  2. Thank you so much for the write-up of the class! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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