Non-Consensual Consent?


I recently saw the documentary Graphic Sexual Horror, and am still mulling it over.  The movie is a documentary covering the now defunct, an early and notorious internet bondage site that ran from 1997 to 2005.  The site exclusively featured female submission, with stills, videos, and live feeds, and had something like 35000 members at the height of its popularity.   The movie has extensive interviews with the creator of, Brent Scott (known as “pd”), as well as with some of the former models,  members, and staff.

At first, seems like a bondage paradise.  Cheery models are interviewed, explaining how much fun (in a super intense way) that they had, and how it was a great way to make easy money.  Scenes of the shooting are shown, during which models are extensively queried as to their health and comfort between shoots (to ensure that the during-shoot distress that they are displaying is only an act for the camera).

As the documentary progresses, however, a more disturbing picture emerges.  Continue reading