Dildo Specifications

Fatty“, made by Square Peg.

6″ tall, head 5.5″ circumference, near base 8″ circumference.
“Great, smaller toy with a bit of a stretch in it. Beginner.”


Feeding the Ducks

Bonk book cover

I just finished reading Bonk: the Curious Coupling of Science and Sex, by Mary Roach, and really enjoyed it. It’s a delightful compilation of interesting facts about sex, and the science that has been done to study it, and is by far the most entertaining book I’ve read in a long time.  Here’s just one example passage from the book:

The world’s most experienced penile attachment surgeons can be found in Thailand, where, during the 1970’s, an estimated one hundred vengeful Thai waives… sliced off the penises of their adulterous husbands as they slept. …. More commonly, the women would hurl the penis out the window. Many rural Thai homes are elevated on pilings, with the family’s pigs, chickens, and ducks tending to mill about seeking shade in the space underneath. It is not, oddly, the pigs, but rather the ducks, that the castrated Thai must worry about. The paper does not provide the exact number of penises eaten by ducks, but the author says there have been enough over the years to prompt the coining of a popular saying: “I better get home or the ducks will have something to eat.” [pp. 187-188]

Other bits that stuck in my mind include a hilarious section on uptight Danish pig farmers learning to arouse their sows (apparently there are higher fertility rates for AI when the sows are aroused prior to the actual insemination) and a very amusing section on “collections” found in people’s asses (in ER rooms). I highly recommend it.

Anal Sex Cured my Hemorrhoids

“The doctor said it was hemorrhoids, and to get some Preparation H to put on it” I said when I got home from the doctor’s office.

“It’s because you’ve been having anal sex!” my fiancé accused.

The truth is up to that point I had never had anal sex, I had no interest in anal sex, I wasn’t even sure how you had anal sex. I couldn’t figure out why he would be so upset about that. I mean, did he want to do it and was thinking that I was doing it with someone else? Rob had never said anything about it; I couldn’t imagine him even being interested.

I never thought I would have anal sex. Sure, my boyfriend Steve was bugging me to do it constantly but my fiancé Rob had never even mentioned it. The thought of having something up my ass was so disturbing that I wouldn’t even consider doing it.

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