His name was Cami, and we met at a summer job. He seemed quite a bit younger than me but maybe it was only 2 years. He was small, about my height and weight – really small for a guy. I guess I had become his safe space, since he would come talk to me about stuff he couldn’t talk to other people about. One night he came and sat in my lap, he said “I have a secret, I like somebody.” He went on to tell me about how he really liked this guy we worked with, someone who could have been his twin as far as looks went. Some night after, Cami came over to my house to drink and watch movies. We curled up on the sofa together and we kissed a couple of times. I remember thinking that I couldn’t date him, because I would just steamroll over him and crush him. I was worried that I would hurt him, emotionally and physically. What scared me was that I wanted to.

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Anal Sex Cured my Hemorrhoids

“The doctor said it was hemorrhoids, and to get some Preparation H to put on it” I said when I got home from the doctor’s office.

“It’s because you’ve been having anal sex!” my fiancé accused.

The truth is up to that point I had never had anal sex, I had no interest in anal sex, I wasn’t even sure how you had anal sex. I couldn’t figure out why he would be so upset about that. I mean, did he want to do it and was thinking that I was doing it with someone else? Rob had never said anything about it; I couldn’t imagine him even being interested.

I never thought I would have anal sex. Sure, my boyfriend Steve was bugging me to do it constantly but my fiancé Rob had never even mentioned it. The thought of having something up my ass was so disturbing that I wouldn’t even consider doing it.

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