About the Authors

whynotkay aka Kay aka Debby aka “What name are you going by today?”

Debby is a San Francisco resident who occasionally feels the urge to blog. She currently identifies as bi, poly, and a bottom, although occasionally switches. Although she has been practicing kink since before puberty, it was entirely through private play, and she was delighted to actually connect with the public scene in SF a few years ago. When she’s not being naughty, she can often be found climbing up rock faces or seeking out unusual food items.


pepomint aka Pepper Mint

Pepper is an organizer, activist, and social theorist in the bisexual, polyamory, and BDSM communities in San Francisco. He identifies as bi, poly, and a toppy switch. He writes short form social analysis and recounts sexual adventures on Poundcake. His other blog is freaksexual, and you can view his papers on pepperminty.com.


dangerkitten aka Jen

Jen is polysaturated at two boyfriends and two cats, and while historically a bottom, she has discovered the joys of topping. She has been presenting a polyamory 101 workshop with Pepper in San Francisco, and is considered a poly expert as no one in her life has been maimed or murdered, yet.