Pain: She’s Gotta Have It

Chili Peppers

Sometimes I have a strong craving to be hurt, to receive pain.  It’s not an endorphin high I’m seeking, instead it’s an actual desire to feel an extreme sensation.  I am lucky to have sadistic lovers in my life, but what to do when they’re out of town or otherwise occupied?

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We breeze into the local dungeon on a Friday night, lugging backpacks and toy bags. We take a moment by the lockers to change into revealing black clothes. We’re late – the dungeon closes at one, which is only a couple hours away. It’s a slow night, and most of the other folks there probably volunteered that evening – we were some of the few who actually paid.

Downstairs, a woman is screaming.

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Beadings All Around II…

… the continuing adventures of Pepper, Jen, Ari, and Debby with needles and beads.

In some ways my experience was easier then Debby’s and in some ways it was harder. After Debby had her “semi permanent piercings” in at Pride, we (Pep, Ari and I ) all decided that we wanted to do it for a special occasion. We went shopping for beads and spend about $50 on an excellent set up!

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Kink or Climb?

A while ago, I attended a class on pain processing and catharsis, given by Lark and Keri.  While listening to their presentation, it occurred to me that I get some of the same things out of climbing as I do BDSM… and if I’m doing much of one, I tend to do less of the other.

One common theme is that of overcoming the body and the mind.  For example, in the class, Lark talked about strategies a bottom could use to prevent fainting (the idea being that the bottom didn’t want the scene to stop, and most tops would stop if the bottom fainted).  These were physical techniques (such as trying to feel your feet on the floor, keeping your eyes open, focusing on a single spot to prevent tunnel vision from closing down your vision entirely).  I don’t see an exact analog to climbing here, although paying careful attention to what you’re doing with your body while climbing is totally necessary (e.g. making sure not to overgrip holds, “resting” while in strenuous positions by deliberately switching your weight from one limb to another, etc).  Of course, processing pain differently than in regular life is important to both BDSM and climbing.  The techniques they taught for scening were interesting, but not relevant to climbing.  In climbing, one more often just wants to ignore pain, and continue on, hopefully to a position one can rest in.
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How to Epilady Your Testicles

Some of you are asking, what the hell is an Epilady? It’s a small device that removes body hair by grabbing it and ripping it out. An Epilady has a rotating wheel, with little pieces on it that squeeze together and then pull. Hair gets caught in between and yanked out.

While there are lots of Epilady knockoffs, the Epilady company managed to establish their brand name as the name of the tool itself: check out their website for a lot of euphemistic language and pictures of smooth legs. My particular Epilady is the Legend, so everything I say here applies primarily to that model – I don’t know if other models vary in effect, or if they are pretty standard at this point.

This is a post about epiladying (is that a word?) your testicles. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Yanking out all those testicle hairs with a mechanical device?

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